Tubular Heaters

Sizes: As per clients requirements

Application: Animal Incubators for Prenatal Care, Ducts, Epoxy Curing ,Food Service Equipment, Furnaces, Fusing Laminated Sheets Together ,Hopper and Silo Heaters – Plastic, Food Agriculture
Kettles and Tanks, Ovens – Process, Curing, Food.

We Manufactures:

  • Straight Tubular Heater.
  • Band & Formed Tubular Heater.
  • Finned Tubular Heater.
  • Immersion Heater

Tubular Heaters are the main heating source in most applications where electric heat is required. They are highly adaptable to the requirements of many applications.

Tubular heaters can be used in their straight form or can be bent into various shapes. They can be used in free air, clamped to a surface, embedded, or cast into metals. Tubular heaters can provide heat up to 700°C.

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